Complex Logistics Demands


Our supply chain practitioners are some of the most knowledgeable and professional in the field. Our open communication policy ensures that our dealings with our clients are ethical and fair in all engagements with equipment vendors and other service providers. We cater to various industries like Energy, Power, Mining and Construction. We coordinate very complex logistics demands with our local and international network of partners and suppliers to deliver top-drawer solutions on time.

  • Procurement Services
  • Marine Logistics Services
  • Ship Brokerage and Chartering
  • Bunkering
  • Ship Security Services
  • Salvage and Wreckage Removal Operations
  • Coastal Shipping Services

Procurement & Sourcing

Procurement Methodology:

  •  Profile Category
  •  Supply Market Analysis
  •  Supplier Selection
  •  Negotiation and Contract
  •  Implement Agreement
  •  Manage Suppliers

Procurement benefits of strategic sourcing:

  1. Emphasis on total, lifetime cost, not just purchase price
  2. Consolidated purchasing power
  3. Tighter supplier relationships
  4. Streamlined business processes, work and information flow
  5. Improved teamwork and purchasing skills

Marine Logistics Services:

With rich experience in ship spares handling, ship to ship operations, ship agency operations and profound insights into the maritime industry we offer our clients tailor-made solutions to keep seagoing vessels operational, 24 hours, seven days a week. We maintain relationships with ship management companies, ship operators and owners, and agencies around the world. We ensure timely and efficient ship spare parts management, hoses and fenders for ship to ship services, strong sourcing team for obsolete ship spares for a wide range of shipping vessels including tankers, container ships, bulk carrier vessels, and cruise liners.

Ship Brokerage and Chartering:

We offer all types of ship brokerage and chartering arrangements including time charter, spot charter and consecutive voyage charters based on contracts of affreightment.

Our dedicated team offers all aspects of ship brokerage and charter, including project management, planning and execution. We serve companies involved in trading of petroleum products and crude oil. We charter:

  • VLCC
  • LR
  • MR
  • FSO

As a ship brokerage and charter service provider, we communicate directly with our global network of ship owners, brokers, ship operators and ship cargo owners to ensure fast response to enquiry, flexibility and low charter rates.


We offer bunker supplies and lubricants for vessels within the limits of Nigerian waters. Our dedicated team of bunker traders supported by our subsidiary Hydrocarbon Trading and Tanking always seek to find the optimum bunker solution for all vessel needs. Our objective is to minimize the vessel’s idle team and also to ensure good quality bunkers are supplied to the vessel in a timely manner.

Ship Security Services:

We provide range of ship security services designed to assist ship owners, ship charterers, ship managers and coastal shipping businesses in order to meets ISPS Code requirements which includes:

  • Ship Security Plan
  • Vessel Hardening
  • Armed Guards
  • Patrol Boats

Salvage and Wreckage Removal Services:

We offer vessel salvage and wreck removal services within Nigerian waters. The specific areas of our expertise as follows:

  • Salvage Naval Architecture
  • Salvage and Wreck Removal Management
  • Salvage Dangers Assessment
  • Special Casualty Representative
  • Cargo removal and Storage

Coastal Shipping Operations:

We offer a wide range of lower dead weight tonnage capacity tankers with low summer draft for trading of Clean Petroleum Products and Dirty Petroleum Products required to operate within coastal regions of Nigeria. Our vessels match all the vetting criteria required by IOCs.

These services are offered as a specialized EPC service, through First Tower Procurement and Logistics Limited (FTPL), a member of the Amazon Energy Group.